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Welcome to Interstate Automation

In today's economic climate, we all need to make the most of
our existing infrastructure - having the latest and greatest is
nice but not always possible.

When you need to get just a little bit more out of your legacy
system, whether its an obsolete PLC on the plant floor or an
old VAX in the back office, INTERSTATE AUTOMATION is
the one to call. And when you're ready to upgrade and
migrate, We can help with that too.

Our specialty is "Total System" interconnectivity - dealing
with not just the individual bits and bytes at the machine
level on the plant floor, but also getting relevant data from
the plant floor through the back office and onto the desktop
in the most reliable and secure manner possible. We are one
of the few Solution Providers that have our feet solidly in
both the Industrial Automation and Data Processing worlds.

Interstate Automation can provide the following services:

       * Application Engineering

       * Upgrades and Migrations

       * Front-End Engineering Design

       * Project Management
Fred Mau, Managing Director
& Consulting Engineer
Interstate Automation
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